When you partner with Flixy, you work closely with our talented team to prepare your game for release onto the most exciting (and demanding) platforms in the world. We advise on everything from gameplay balancing to monetization and so much more. Everybody works toward a common goal: to release the best game possible for the Indian audience
Content updates, bug fixes, maintenance and game release support along with support for marketing, launches, ad creation, app store optimization etc.


We offers complete solutions to help you design, develop and market your game from start to finish. As one of the top game publishing companies in the industry, our team of  artists, designers and developers have worked on numerous games for  web and mobile platforms. From 2D platformers to multi-player RPGs with VR integration to casual online, social and mobile games we’ve designed and developed a number of fun and exciting titles. We  work with game engines like Unity3D, Cocos2d-x and HTML5 to build high quality games.


We provide a wide varity of services including concept art, animation, asset creation, in-game integration and level building for Casual and mobile games. Over the past 2 years, Flixy has worked with many gaming companies both local and international spanning across different art styles. We have a highly skilled and experienced team supplemented with a seasoned  art leadership. Whether you're an executive team looking to build for your next hit game, or a small team preparing to pitch for a major publisher, we'll bring your ideas to life and have the skills to give your work the winning edge.


We help you set your business strategy with clear customer profiles and value proposition. Then, develop your creative vision to propose the adapted fantasy, and set a shared direction for your team. We evaluate the situation to identify key issues, mentor your game design team through execution, or handle full design development for you. We provide programs or ongoing coaching to accommodate all your needs, on site or remotely.